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I am a personal injury attorney practicing in Springfield, MA.  I had a case that I believed in but the insurance company’s offer was low. When I needed to file suit I looked to Connecticut Trial Firm. Their team dug into the case and adopted the cause. They were partners with me every step of the way. Critically, they did a focus group on the case which confirmed my belief in it. From there they engaged a world class expert that would prove necessary for resolution of the case. Even in litigation the insurance company insisted they would never pay 6 figures as it was just a soft tissue case. In mediation, on the eve of trial, the case resolved for 6 times the insurance company’s pre-suit offer for $300,000. My fee was paid immediately and I was kept involved every step of the way.
Over the years I have sent multiple cases to Connecticut Trial Firm and regularly consult with them.

Glen Ringbloom