Our Referral Process

Evaluate the Claim

After being referred a case, the CT Trial Firm begins a review process to evaluate the claim. We will examine all aspects of the potential case and determine funding requirements. We will respond to the referring firm within 48 hours to let them know whether or not we will take the case.

Quote the Referral Fee

After we have determined that we want to take over the case, we will quote a referral fee, taking into account all of the work and preparation that has already been completed on the file.

Agreement on Involvement

We leave it up to the referring firm as to how involved they wish to be with the case moving forward. You have the option of just receiving a check when the case settles, being involved at every step, or anywhere in between.

Personal Injury Cases Only

We only take select Personal Injury cases. You can rest assured that we do not want to interfere with any other legal business you have with the client. Your client’s other cases, legal work, or retainers remain your own.

Full Case Funding

We will not accept a case that we cannot fund. We take great care in determining the funding needs of every referral we evaluate. We have the ability to fully fund significant cases. 

Leveraging Technology

We leverage technology to make things easier, offering video conferencing, electronic signatures, and secure portals. We accept referrals from across the state of Connecticut and across the country.

Paying Referral Fees

We pay our referral fees. Once a case has come to it’s conclusion, we will reach out to you ASAP in order to verify any information needed and expedite getting your payment. To us, our reputation and our relationships matter.

Start The Referral Process

Submit Case Details

One of our Intake Specialist fill follow up to gather further information about your referral.